Why Should I Use a Gaiam Balance Ball Chair?

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair - to Work, Workout, Releive Back Pain, Improve Posture, Strengthen Core and more.

Why Use a Stability Ball Instead of an Office Chair?

The Balance Ball Chair was designed for people who want to improve their posture, relieve back pain and build a stronger core – all while sitting down. I think of it as very efficient multi-tasking.

This chair (designed around a fitness ball concept) is not only healthy, but it is comfortable as well. Just as you’d expect, it has a springy, yet firm feel that never loses its cushioning.

In addition, you can remove the ball from the chair frame and use it for workout routines and strength-building exercises. This multi-functional chair solves a lot of problems, and it is very affordable. Not to mention, it lasts a long time, which ends up saving you more money.

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Colors

You can even customize the look of your chair by choosing from a
variety of different colors.

The following video explains the different features of the Gaiam Balance Ball Chair and how to use it. It also demonstrates a few different exercises and stretches you can do either sitting at your desk or without the chair.

Get the Balance Ball Chair Here

Gaiam Balance Ball Chair Specs:

  • Dimensions: 21″ wide (from wheel to wheel) x 31″ high (to top of chair back) x 22″ deep
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Designed for people between 5′ and 5’1″ tall
  • Some Assembly Required
Woman Sitting on Gaiam Balance Ball Chair at Desk
courtesy of www.gaiam.com

Package Includes:

  • 52-cm (20.5-inch) Gaiam Balance Ball
  • Gaiam Balance Ball Chair (has 2 easy-glide front casters + 2 regular back locking casters)
  • Air Pump
  • Desktop Exercise Guide

Note: Fitness balls typically take a few days to stretch out and reach their optimal size. Therefore, you want to check the inflation during the first several days of use. While it may feel like the ball has lost air, it more likely that it has stretched out and needs more air to reach its ideal inflation point.