10 Gym Ball Exercises for a Flat Stomach – in 10 Minutes!

Gym Ball Exercises for Flat StomachAs you probably already know, fitness balls work really well for strengthening your core. However, if you want to focus even more on building 6-pack abs, check out these gym ball exercises for a flat stomach.

I have found that short ab routines work very well at flattening the tummy. I explain why below.

10 Gym Ball Exercises for a Flat Stomach:

In the following video, Melissa Bender demonstrates 10 awesome ab-flattening exercises. In addition, she has combined them into a very effective mini-workout that only lasts 10 minutes! Check it out below.

Tighten your upper and lower abs as well as your obliques and lower back. Since the back is part of our core, we want to include exercises to strengthen that area as well when we perform ab exercises.

In addition, using a gym ball multiplies the intensity of the exercises because you need to stabilize your core while performing the movements. This makes the exercises much more effective at building muscle and burning calories that basic lay-on-the-floor crunches.

How to Get a Flat Stomach with 10 Minutes of Gym Ball Exercises:

Strengthen Your Core and Flatten Your Abs with These Gym Ball ExercisesBelieve it or not, compact exercise sessions can work exceptionally well. I like short 10-minute workouts for a few different reasons.

1. Less Procrastinating.

First of all, you are more likely to actually do them. Personally, I know I can easily talk myself out of starting a 60-minute or even 30-minute workout.

However, if I know that a routine will only take 10 minutes, I am more likely to get started.

2. Burn More Calories?

Second, when we exercise for a shorter period of time, we tend to exert more energy because we know that we are finishing sooner. Am I Right?

Therefore, our workout intensity increases, and we can burn more calories in a shorter period of time.

3. Less Boredom.

Third, a short workout routine doesn’t last long enough for us to get bored.

In addition, we can perform 10-minute workouts in between other activities. Therefore, we can more easily fit them into our day.

How to Flatten Your Stomach with Food

Woman with a Flat StomachI know this is not related to fitness ball workouts. However, abs start in the kitchen. In other words, some foods can increase belly fat an bloat, therefore covering up the 6-pack that you have built.

Therefore, you want to reduce certain foods so that you can uncover your flat tummy underneath!

In short, you want to eliminate sugar and reduce the carbs. Carbohydrates help your body retain water, while sugar increases insulin and belly fat.

Reduce those 2 things, and you will see a huge improvement in your tummy area. In fact, many people see a difference in there stomach size through the elimination of sugar alone.

However, when you perform consistent gym ball exercises for a flat stomach, you will tighten and tone the area around your core. In other words, you will firm up loose, flabby skin, making your abs look great while in a swimsuit. I am not kidding! =)