Terra Core Balance Trainer Review [ Worth the Price? ]

In short, the Terra Core Balance Trainer provides you a gym-worth full of exercises. Plus, it helps you build muscles, balance, stability and core strength simultaneously.

Terra Core Balance Trainer for building muscles, stability, balance and core strength at home

Not to mention, you can get a very effective plyometric cardio workout at the same time. Therefore, you can burn more calories and strengthen more muscles in a shorter period of time, making your workouts more effective And, of course, efficient.

(Also, check out the workout video at the bottom of this page.)

But is the Terra Core Balance Trainer Really Worth Almost $300?

Below I share my Terra Core review, and I why I think it’s actually worth $600+.

1. Lose Weight and Build Strength Faster

First of all, if you have ever worked out on an unstable surface, you already know that the intensity multiplies dramatically. In other words, doing 10 air squats is no longer an easy task.

Therefore, with this balance trainer, you can get a great workout without needing heavy weights. Plus, the stabilizing that your arms and legs now have to do will activate more muscles simultaneously.

2. Use the Terra Core Alone or Combine it with Other Equipment

Terra Core Workout with Resistance BandsSecond, you can use this piece of exercise equipment alone or with other gear. For example, think dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, TRX Straps and more.

In other words, you only need the Terra Core Trainer to complete a full-body workout, but it can enhance the exercises you do with gym equipment you already have.

Note: I absolutely love this feature because it multiplies the number of movements you can perform to virtually infinity. Never get bored and continually challenge your body in new ways.

3. The Balance Trainer Can Provide a Low Impact Workout

Terra Core Push Up HandlesThird, you can strengthen and tone your entire body with minimal impact. Of course, you can incorporate plyometric jumping movements into your routine if you want.

However, the unstable surface of the balance trainer intensifies the exercises so much that your heart rate will increase automatically without having to jump around.

Personally, I like exercise equipment that can provide a low impact workout because it doesn’t limit you. For instance, if you are recovering from an injury, you may be more likely to continue exercising. Alternatively, if your joints decline as you age, you can continue to build strength without hurting yourself.

4. You Can Take the Terra Core Trainer with You

Fourth, the Terra Core Balance Trainer is portable. Although you may not want to carry it on an airplane, you can take it to a park, the office, a road trip, etc..

Note: You can get more use out of a single piece of fitness equipment simply because you can take it with you. This in itself instantly doubles the value of this product because you can use it more often.

Plus, it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your house like a treadmill, rowing machine or elliptical machine can.

5. The Balance Trainer Adapts to the Activities You Want to Do

Doing Yoga on a Terra Core Balance TrainerFifth, the Terra Core will never go out of style. What I mean by this is that it can adapt to virtually any fitness activity that you are doing at the moment.

Let’s say you used to take aerobics step classes, but now you do Crossfit and maybe you will switch to doing yoga 3 years from now. You can use this balance trainer for all 3 activities. Plus, use it in TRX workouts, for pilates core-building movements and even P90X.

6. Get More Core Activation

Because you continually have to tighten your core to maintain balance during a Terra Core workout, you can develop really tight abs. Not only does this make your abdominals look great, it can help prevent lower back pain due to poor posture.

Terra Core Package Review:

  • The Balance Trainer
  • Hand Pump for Inflation
  • Workout DVD
  • Exercise Poster
  • QR Code to Access Fitness App Online
  • User Manual

Features of The Terra Core Balance Trainer

Terra Core Exercises:

Check out the video below to see some examples of exercises and workouts you can usign the Terra Core Balance Trainer. They include upper body, lower body and core exercises as well as compound movements working multiple muscle groups at once.

In addition, you will notice that you can do both plyometric fast paced cardio workouts as well as slower-moving, yoga-style poses. Both work equally-well at building muscle, balance and core strength.

Terra Core Balance Trainer Specs:

  • Dimensions: 46.5″ Long x 18.3″ Wide x 6.5″ Tall
  • Weight: Approximately 30 lbs
  • Weight Capacity: 1,000 lbs
  • Cleaning: Wipe Off with Soap and Water
  • Does Not Included Resistance Bands
  • Requires Inflation (Package comes with Pump)
  • Manufacturer: Vicore Fitness
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Get the Terra Core Here