Yoga on a Stability Ball? [How You Can Do it At Home]

As if fitness balls weren’t useful enough as office chairs and strength-building workouts. Now, you can do yoga on them as well. Watch a few videos that show you how to get started with Stability Ball Yoga:

20-Minute Yoga on a Stability Ball:

I like this short video clip because it demonstrates how to incorporate breathing and abdominal work in a slow-motion meditative-type practice. This makes a great morning exercise routine.

Do you feel sore or stiff when you get out of the bed in the morning? Do you want to start a meditation practice without having to sit still on a cushion? Then you will really like doing yoga on a stability ball (especially when you can workout at home!).

There’s even a prenatal workout for pregnant women:

Stability balls work at increasing the intensity of the movements without adding more impact. Therefore, they provide great tools for people who suffer from joint pain, who lack flexibility or who are recovering from injuries.

I personally like doing yoga on a stability ball because I don’t have to set aside an hour for a class. For example, I can do a few movements or stretches at a time if I only have 10 minutes to spare and get a short exercise ball workout in.