Pilates At-Home Workout Using a Fitness Ball…

Yes, you can do pilates at home without having to use fancy equipment, take a class or join a gym. The catch is that you have to motivate ourself to do it. 😉

Here is a good 30-minute pilates home workout where you can simply follow along.


Pilates is not only a great low-impact workout, but it is also extremely useful in building core strength and flattening the belly. Many people actually start doing this practice to relieve back pain.

Pilates has a significant focus on building core strength while still staying low impact, so you can see why this works to potentially relieve pain while not aggravating it.

It helps strengthen muscles and stretch the body while burning calories. You’ll notice the more you do it, the more flexible you become, which in turn will enable you to perform the movements better and therefore give your arms and legs a better stretch and muscles a better workout.

If you have a stability ball and want to take your pilates practice to a more “unstable” environment, you can increase the workout you get from your routine. It also is an easy way to add variety to your practice.

Check out his video:


Pilates Bar
Although equipment is not require to do pilates at home, there is a device that can be very useful, and it only costs about $20 (you can even travel with it).

The bar combined with the bands enable you to get a deeper stretch and also increase the load on any pushing or pulling movements that you do during your workout.

This particular item is called the Empower Portable Pilates Studio, and it comes with a helpful instruction DVD.

Amy Hendricks of InflataSpa.com suggests incorporating some sort of exercise or stretching routine that you can do from home, even if you are a member of a gym. Some days may be busier, making it a challenge to drive to a gym or exercise class. Having a home-based alternative makes it easier to maintain your workout goals without making it a strain on the rest of your life.

Having items in your home that are health-oriented will also help you stick to your goals and live a healthier lifestyle with minimal effort.